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I’m prone to not posting on certain ‘hot’ topics for not wanting to add to the general noise level of Internet discourse, but it’s been pointed out that while noise level can be bad, signal strength counts and ought to be strengthened further. It’s one of my little irrationalities. I’m posting this now because of a book I’d been given just this last weekend:


Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27 of this year, and an enormous loss that was as celebrity deaths go. Spock was for many years and still is my favorite Star Trek character, and Nimoy played him with such a wicked deadpan sense of humor, bringing life to the role of an alien with a distinctly human side.

But Spock was not the only role I remember him for. There was the time he did the gravelly, badass voice of Galvatron in the 1986 animated Transformers Movie, his hosting of the television show In Search Of, his appearances in the Simpsons, and his role in the 1970s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Those stand out to me the most.

He put his heart into whatever role he played, and in so many instances showed what it meant to be human, with or without logic or the pointed ears.

Leonard, thank you. I salute you, as an inspiration to people past, present and future. You shall not be forgotten, at least not by my Troythuluness, and perhaps not until the universe goes cold and dark in the Big Freeze, collapses in the Big Crunch, or tears itself to shreds in the Big Rip…

…Or maybe not until it’s hungrily devoured by Lovecraftian Things from Outside™.

You’ve lived long and prospered. I can only hope to do as well. Peace out.

I’ve known Andrew online for several years now, and find his blog, Laughing in Purgatory quite entertaining for both it’s humorous and its more serious content.
This book, his first release, is almost all about the Undead, the Leeches, the Nosferatu, in different settings and genre styles — almost all about — save the final story.
It’s good, with a varied mix of styles; Death Zone, a historical fantasy in iron-age Germany; Mr Z, a film-noir style tale of revenge; a story of failed romance between the Accursed in The Breakup and it’s surprising outcome.
There’s the urban fantasy tales Vampire Woes, and Knight Master. There too is Last Love, of a date gone horribly, horribly wrong.
My favorite of these is the last story, The Discipline of Forever, which stands out to me as a radical shift in gears, a story worthy of the original Lovecraft Circle in subject and tone as a twist on the theme of a mother’s love for her son.
Near the last part, there’s a preview of material for Andrew’s upcoming book, Redneck Vampires versus College Students, and afterward, a good selection of vampire related media links to click on.
This book is fun, and made a wonderful read in the wee hours of a fine dark morning. I give it five stars, and five tentacles up too. Ia! Ia!

This is delightfully silly, with the vocabulary-deficient characters from Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy waxing lyrical!

In a recent special on CNN, American Atheists president David Silverman made the statement that religious nonbelievers are “the most hated group in this country.”


It may be true that there’s active and ongoing discrimination in many parts of the world against religious nonbelievers, but no more so than religions against rival religions. We nonbelievers are not special, we are not enlightened, and we are not especially persecuted, more than some other minorities; to play the victim card like the Religious Right here in the States all too often does, and to exaggerate the facts in that manner strikes me as a little, oh, I don’t know… silly?

Hyperbole much?

There’s also his claim that religious nonbelievers who do not self-identify as atheists are lying. That’s just on-its-face foolishness.

I identify as a skeptic, not as an atheist, because the former best fits my methods and views.

I’m a skeptic to all sorts of claims, the only restriction being that they must be logically and empirically testable. “Atheist” just doesn’t cover as much ground, offer the mileage I need to make it work, doesn’t carry the freight it needs to. “Atheist” is too limited. It pertains and entails only skepticism to one sort of thing — the existence of a God or gods, so I rarely use it.

News flash — Not all skeptics are atheists — nor vice versa.

Two words to illustrate that would be useful here — Martin Gardner — he was a good skeptic and a self-described theist.

That’s the problem with labels. Skeptic, agnostic, atheist, humanist, nullifidian, freethinker, rationalist, infidel, heretic, etc…none of these words are synonyms, none of them say the same thing, none of them carry the same cargo, and using one or more of any of them does not make you a liar for not using any one or more of the others.

It’s simply absurd, though perhaps intended to rhetorically. Rallying people whose only shared trait, if even that, is not believing in someone’s god is a lot like herding cats. Good luck on that.

No one ought to call people liars for not using a particular label, to cajole people to flock to their banner like good little peas in a pod. It is a good way to discredit one’s own movement, though, and if that’s the goal, it succeeds wonderfully.

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