Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup for July 13, 2012 [Updated]

G’day, peeps. This week went rather well, blogging-wise, and I’m even getting back into regular posting, scheduling a couple of entries on the Collect Call of Troythulu as of this next Caturday morning. Links to them will be posted on this entry once they pop up online.

Update: Here are this week’s posts on the Collect Call of Troythulu, online as of just moments ago –


I had a game this last Sunday, so no blogging from then, and I’m looking at this coming Monday as the window for the next game session. Thanks, Chris. I’ve got ideas for at least 2 of my alternate characters already.

This Monday, I posted a piece called The Pure Majesty of Reality, an attempt on my part to explain why I feel that you don’t have to make up stuff about the universe to enjoy it, that it’s cool enough without deluding oneself about imaginary supernatural forces, and a TED video on Tali Sharot’s talk on the Optimism Bias and how we are so often and so easily taken in by it.

This Wednesday there was a new fractal courtesy of the Mandelbulber app called The Laughter of Nodens, or its alternate title suggested by twitterer @uzh77, “Lament of the Cybertronian,” thanks, Steve.

Also on Wednesday was a piece grown almost entirely from a Michael Shermer quote, entitled “A Balance between Data & Theory,” from the Symphony of Science music remix A Wave of Reason.

Yesterday was something you’ll be seeing more of on this site, a tale of mental illness from someone who’s been through the worst of it, more so than I can say myself. This is important, because of the suffering of those with these illnesses and the often backwards views of a society which stigmatizes it or worse, superstitiously views it as demonic possession or witchcraft – Talk about Middle Ages thinking surviving into the 21st century!

A big favorite of mine this week was something that both my friend Kate and I posted on our Pinterest boards from Zen Pencils, “Carl Sagan – books are awesome” and indeed they are!

On Left Hemispheres, Adam has posted Emotional Reasoning which has some good points to make regarding avoiding the condescension of theists by rationalists.

I’d like to thank blogger Brenda Fraser for graciously mentioning this site in an entry she posted. Thank you much, Brenda. I’ll post a proper reply to it soon!

I owe my friend Chris Trommater on G+ a hat tip from a documentary he posted there in the History Channel’s Clash of the Gods series, “Tolkien’s Monsters.”

And at Natasha Larry’s blog, my friend Kate did a guest post, on the fantasy fiction of Lewis Carroll, one of my own literary favorites, both for his mathematical concepts and skill at wordplay.

Camels with Hammers has a good post on what led former atheist blogger Leah Libresco to convert to Roman Catholicism.

In the traditions of both Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Maurice Sendak, Atlas Games is publishing “Where the Deep Ones Are” this forwarded to me by my twitter friend @nicksabot.

Also, a shoutout goes to Chris Trommater on G+ again for this, from Sesame Street’s resident cookie enthusiast, a parody called…

“Share It Maybe”

2 thoughts on “Troythulu’s Weekly Gnuz Roundup for July 13, 2012 [Updated]

  1. abutcherswife

    Cool week you’ve had. Fantastic efforts. Thanks so much for your mention and for the encouragement.
    I have a little story to tell you. I was a bit fed up with blogging, and I was thinking I would just get rid of my blog, my social media, Twitter, Facebook. Out of the blue I got a friend request on Facebook, from one of my Twitter friends. After that, I stuck with blogging, Twitter, Facebook and it was the best decision I have made, because it has helped me so much. Of course, that friend request came from you – and it’s been a fantastic trip since then. So thanks my friend.


    1. I like the fact that we bloggers help out each other like that. You, Martin and Kriss @thesexyatheist are largely responsible for my continued blogging after =^skeptic cat^= deleted his blog in March of last year. You’ve even given me the will to keep my Tumblr site and twitter page just recently, after I was considering deleting them and starting over. Thanks to you as well.


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